Friday, May 13, 2011

And They're Off

Good Day all!
Fo all of you lucky winners I wanted to say that

your giftie-poo's are on their way
so be ready to receive the
Because they are jam packed with it :)
I had so much fun packaging up your goodies
and I want you to know that I advise taking you time to open them
because some of the packages have hidden
messages, surprises and etc. in them.

Thank you for playing and I hope you come by again.
TOday I am making some new pendants..
"Just fucking do it"
"Trust the process"
I'm not being biased because I created them,
they really are pretty nifty :)
The last batch I made was my first attempt so I'm growing and getting better at it.
Hopefully I'll have them in the shop soon or have some pictures to share..
I also came up with a new process of making the pendants today..
I am getting ready to try it out so stay tuned..
There might be a instructional posting in the
For now..Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I just received the package of goodies. Thanks again! i was really blown away by them! I can't wait to try the oil and wear the pendant!!! :)

  2. Natalie,

    I just got my package as well. THANK YOU so much, that was so sweet of you. I LOVE the goodies! Thanks again.

    Kat @ Keeping the Faith

  3. OMGosh girl, I am in love! You are just the sweetest thing ever! I can't wait to frame it! I just hated to open that fun package. How did you know I love owls? And your owl is amazing! Ok, what was the smell that was all over it, my daughter and I loved it!

    You are such a dear and I can't wait to be able to look at my print and think of you!


    You are the first to comment on my header, thank you so much! I found that pin a while ago and I was way bored with just my name up there. So you just made my day for liking it!