Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ok so...I'm allllmoossstt done with this one...
whatcha think?
I am loving it..
I appreciated the comments in my last post, thank you.
Got me to thinking..
so here I am typin'.
One of the comments had to do with honesty.
If I am focusing only on what I want, that is the most honest I can be with myself,
while being a positive influence on others..
I have my ups and downs some I'll share,
some I'll burn up and scatter amongst the Universe with intention of it being turned into love, and me having learned yet another lesson:)
There is enough shit in this world going on elsewhere
I want to change that.
Even if it's in my own little world.
I Like happy, it feels sooo good :)

I won't do this often,

heck this may be the one time,
maybe not :)
While I am in a good
GOOD place now..
I haven't always been.
Some of us didn't learn any better, but in me I always knew there was something more, a more happy cheerful world
to live in.
So I did my best to find it.
I went through obstacles, construction, destruction,
yelling, screaming, fighting, crying
uncomfortable living
learning all the way

Until one day I heard a voice loud and clear.
and I FULLY listened to it.
More than I ever had before.
And it was uncomfortable, but comfortable at the same time.
Because deep down I knew this was it..
this was that world I was looking for and the only way I was gonna get there is if I listened.
And it said....
Follow your heart!
So FUCK!.....

all of you out there bitching and complaining,
like I once was (still can sometimes, giggle)
about how you life isn't how you want it to be,

"What you think you become" Buddha

Get some Q-tips and clean your ears, close your eyes, ask and...

Everything you'll ever need to know resides in your heart, you just have to connect to it, joyfully.

My art is my tool, my heart, my soul.
It helps me focus on what I want, through it I share what I want to focus on, Love, Joy, Peace.
Although I may at times be out there with my creations, it helps me stay grounded in
This is what I want to share with the world.
I want everyone to know that like John Lennon said
"All we need is love"
If my art can be a tool for any of you out there,
to help bring you to connect with your heart and follow it
with FAITH so that you may
Plant your seed, no matter what it may be..

Just Be..
Trusting the process, no matter how painful it might seem to get there,
knowing that Faith is the catalyst of possibilities and they are infinite, but...
Your heart is your compass, and if you follow it
you'll always see, know, feel your path..
What does your heart say?


  1. Thank you:) that feels all warm and fuzzy inside with sparkles:)

  2. Ohhh, I love the addition of the clouds!

  3. Lovely post! You and I have a similar outlook...I try to follow my heart, and more importantly, "be the change I want to see in the world". Nothing is worse than a negative nelly but sometimes, we all have a bit of negativity that we bring to the table...I am trying to change that in my life. Turn each negative into a positive! {aka, less bitching...more living!}

    I adore your sweet blog...following your bit of loveliness now!

    xx Cat brideblu