Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Ready for the New....

Whew, its a lot of juggling having a baby and creating BUT it is a WONDERFUL dose of focus. I have to stay completely focused to get things checked off the list before little man wakes...
Updating the progress is on the list.
I am currently working on a new banner for the Etsy shop and its coming along beautifully. I love it!!
I am also following my heart daily, not worrying (to my best abilities) about what I "should" be doing. There are no should be's when creating, its just inspiration. So while I have created myself a schedule to follow, I don't get down on myself (there is a little voice in the back of my head that tries but I tell it to go away and to trust the process) because I have found that the more I follow my heart the more focus I actually have and such beautiful creations are born. That is another thing...That darn little voice, it sometimes says "well what if someone else doesn't like it?" Shut up I say! This is coming from the heart it has to be good and I trust that. So the voice quiets for a bit but still it sneaks back in at times and I try to focus on what I want, which is joy, and creating brings me joy so I shut the judgements out.
This in itself is a process... Trying to stay focused on what I want, being joy, following my heart to get there, the actual process of creation and juggling a beautiful baby :)
Babble babble babble....So here are some peeks of new things.
Oh wait that is just Genie, giggle, and the next one in the yellow, well that's silly ole me :)
We have fun here at Nato Botto Art. Giggles are a must!
Genie is sporting a pair of Nato Botto Art's latest earrings and necklace...

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