Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wish me luck....

So, Here I am sitting at this foreign computer wondering what the hell to do.. Seriously I know nothing about how the Mac is organized and etc and damn-it I want to post some photos... Oh gosh hope this works..
BUTTTT..... I am sooo grateful to be having this WONDERFUL upgrade. I Love the computer, giggle, just haven't had many play dates yet. But Mac and I, Well we will soon become good friends, I know it. I love this tippity tappity keyboard, feels so good under my fingers.
AND WOW the Tablet thingy is so great...Again, play dates..learning
So here is goes, gonna attempt to find some photos and talk about them :)
So this first picture, well it was randomly chosen from a file of photos I could not see, and so.. I just said here we go...and here it is. Silly the liquor table from our grateful party.. What is next?? Oh how fun, the neighborhood kids and Jordan all in the moon bouncy at the party. Oh Joy, what is next in my random quest for the picture I would really like to post?????? Oh magical universe would you please lead me to the photo I want? I mean they are all good but I really want to share the cutest picture of our sweet garden fairy next door neighbor, Peggy, holding sweet thinking Indie.....Drum roll please....oh darn, no luck, but I did get a sweet picture of Emily who just had her 14th Birthday, Super Ava and lovely Jordan :). One last try... Well again, didn't work BUT that is ok. Everything is just fine. (screams loudly inside her head but pretends its not happening) giggle. I will figure this all out, I always do.. Faith...
BUT wait!!!!! I have to share what is to come when I figure this S-it out. :)
New Jewelry, New art, photos from the grateful party, and.....
Nato Botto Art Studio goes live.. Yes that is right, Genie and I, Natalie, are going to be sharing our creating adventures, giggles, universal conversations and more via video stream so stay tuned. Posts are to come...lol when I figure this out, the computer that is :) Hey I figured out how to work the cameras so.......I'm smart :) giggle
I am so happy to be where I am.. Thank you Universe!!!!!

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