Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Decided!!

So I have been thinking about how I would like to design my tattoo, what I want it to mean to me for a while now and I have finally stumbled (gracefully) upon the design through "Practice" of the meaning.
I am all about Following my heart (and encouraging others to do the same) and sometimes thinking too hard can get in the way of having faith in what your heart desires/sees/knows.
The story:
Genie and I were working in the studio and my plan for the day involved making a list of things desired to create an awesome display for art shows. The list got really detailed, some really descriptive, hard to find (possibly) items and we began to think it may be impossible to find those things before shows. That is when that spark came on in my head "wait a second" I said. If I drew this picture and saw it in my head then it is possible! I am going to have faith that I will find everything I need on this list to make the picture And in the time I need to have it by. It's gonna Happen, I SEE it :)
So began my manifesting...I got out a pen and began to draw on myself what I need to do to be here now and manifest.
You gotta have faith, plant your seeds, have no attachments and follow your heart and have faith, plant your seeds, have no attachments and follow your heart.
The more you do these things all with faith that they are real and WILL happen, it will happen.
That night I decided to go to some resale shops....Guess what? I found what I needed in an extremely short amount of time, gracefully. Amazing.
So at the same time not only did I manifest what I needed for the show but also by trusting/having faith in the process of getting to what I wanted I also manifested my tattoo.
It is amazing how easily things/goals can be attained when you follow your heart with no attachments all the while planting your seed with faith......Focus on what you want, your heart knows what that is. Your heart is your compass...follow it

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