Friday, October 22, 2010

Thank You's!!!!

It is great to show your gratitude everyday, it nurtures souls. What am I thankful for for??
Thank you Athena Witzel, owner of Gypsy Sticks, an amazing Artist that I was divinely lead to meet at The Abbey Coffee and Espresso Bar at 6500 West Main Belleville, Il. Thank you for suggesting that I create some fun bracelets, because she thought I could make some really cool one's, which I did and enjoyed every second of their creation. Thank you for inspiring me to do so....
Thank you Abbey Espresso Bar for being a great place to meet great people and connections. You truly are a magnet for kind, loving, spiritual, funny, honest, giving, creative, family orientated, energetic souls.
Thank you Vineyard for being of like mind with The Abbey and for displaying Nato Botto Art's creativity and Joy for life. By doing so you provide funds for Nato Botto to keep following her heart.
Thank you Circa and Piece by Peace for also supporting Nato Botto's journey.
And last but not least..thank you to you universe for allowing my energy to flow where ever my heart desires.

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