Monday, October 25, 2010

New Divine Organization Going Down at Nato Botto Art

I eeeeeeeLove LOVE how everything falls into place so serendipitously when you follow your heart. It makes me giggle.
Last night during one of my jewelry excursions I stumbled upon a fun new way of keeping myself in focus. When I am shopping for beads and etc I get all these awesome ideas but sometimes worry (because there are A LOT of ideas) that I may forget the ideas of what I wanted to do with that bead or etc. My solution and I LOVE it is to (and I already have collections but this is a new more focused approach to creating one) lay beads, trinkets, etc on the table together in groups, each one telling me a story, almost planning their own creation, a beautiful picture that speaks to me reminding me of what I had planned or what the collection calls the bead to do :) giggle.
So Anyways....As I was putting the collections together I was really getting into the whole creative process of making the collections and getting excited about taking pictures of the groups and posting them to my blog. So then in clicks the ego, "well maybe we should organize them this way or do this and that and the other, or maybe we should......." "Oh what if this takes too much time when you SHOULD BE doing this that or the other..." SHUT UP I said, just go with the flow and follow your heart, if it takes a while, well then, ENJOY the time... Be here now and stop worrying about what is next down the road, I continued to remind myself and still worry kept creeping in.. LIKE I REALLY NEED TO WORRY??? "NO" I don't. I have faith that if I follow my heart, with patience, trust, faith, no attachments, every thing I imagine, desire will come because I Dreamed it.
Gosh I hope this makes sense, and in some ways I hope some of you out there can associate with these processes that go on in my mind and really think to yourselves Why am I listening to the should be, could be ,would be, should I, could I, would I and all the unencouraging words that go through one's mind. Why don't I just let go and LISTEN to my heart, to what makes me happy and all vibrate-iee fuzzy. Why don't I just follow that good picture in my mind and stick with it, without DOUBT. WHY DON"T WE??? Because we are worried about the what if's.
Well people...It's exactly that worry that is keeping us from what we really want. IT's the worrying about the what if's that is taking energy away from what we really want... SO... the answer???? FOLLOW YOUR HEART! Put all energy into what you do want! Focus only on what you want.
But enough of this sidetrack, back to the story....
As I was refocusing my attention on only what I wanted, which was enjoying every second of what I was doing and not worrying about how long it was taking me, I stumbled upon a pendant I had made two years ago that never found a necklace to go on.
You'll never guess what the pendant said on the back of it...
Trust the Process, How is that for a beautiful reminder from the Universe.
It gave me such a smile to find that little message. How great of a gift. I was all giddy inside, proud of myself (ego talking, giggle) for doing my best staying in spirit (following my heart).
Here is a picture of that collection...I am still linger on Names for it but I think I'm leaning towards Titanic. Titanic pretty much sums up the titles listed below..

Natural Elegance, sounds to much like a douche, underwear or natural maxi pad commercial to me, lol.
Lost treasures, I won't say what this reminds me of, HA ha ha. Wheels turning? lol
Mermaids and Botanicals, nope, generic.
Well I think this is enough for now. Hugs...

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