Sunday, March 27, 2011


Just Blogging here..
Jogging in my mind.
Doing circles.
So much to do, so many schedules set into place only to be added to
added to, ADDED to..
I have faith that the pieces will settle where needed but
gosh, sometimes I feel like Nothing is getting done when I am surrounded
by a vast field of want to's.
Gets me flustered, sometimes frustrated,
Why can't I manifest faster?
The answer, pretty freaking basic..
Well that is easy for so many to say,
Heck I even say it a LOT
"Focus only on what you want"
But when it comes down to it learning to tame the flow of ideas and focus on one at a time is just really really challenging.
ESPECIALLY when I love what I do and want to do it all,
and right NOW!
This leads me to patience,
Ooooo, onto something here.
Probably something I have already told myself before but need to be reminded again.
I need to have patience and faith that everything my heart desires to share will come about in time.
AND very important..TRUST the process!
Every single one of us has our own process of being.
Some are "quicker" some are "slower" some are prancers and dancers, some are hoppers and skippers.
Some are a little combination of it all.
This is why it is very important to trust the process
and not get down on ourselves when things are not going how "ego" may want it to be.
When we begin to compare ourselves to others "ways of being"
that distracts our focus on what we want.
When we begin to get overly excited (like I do often) and start to "think"
of the could be's, should do's, etc..
We are taking our focus away from the now of
Focusing on what we want because
we were already jumping ahead to where we want to be..

So what does this mean?
This means it's time to check into the looney bin,
lol giggle
It means that if I just have faith and don't listen to the repeating list of "to do's" that are floating in my head,
and have patience, take it one step at a time, focusing only
on what I want, not taking time to jump ahead to the future,
just residing in the now,
going with the flow of my heart
then all those things floating in my head will fall beautifully in place.
I know this to be truth.
But I am human, I am learning,
I am reprogramming myself to the flow of my heart.
For we were all programmed by others besides ourselves.
Think about that, think about who you are,
why you are the way you are, how you learned your way of being.
Then after you've figured that out ask yourself
What does my heart say?
Now is a good time to journal.
you heart is your compass...follow it.
Side note here, very interesting...I wanted to insert some random photos and came across our snake. We got her recently.
I wasn't too fond of her at first although she is very beautiful, her markings..She is very gentle and still a baby.
It's also kind of cool how she is almost making an infinity symbol with her body.
Anyways, I find it very interesting that her medicine is...

If you have chosen this symbol, there is a need within you to transmute some thought, action, or desire so that wholeness may be achieved. This is heavy magic, but remember, magic is no more than a change in consciousness. Become the magician or the enchantress: transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.
There is an excerpt from the Medicine Cards book written by Jamie Sams and David Carson. I believe you can purchase it through the Amazon logo on my blog.
I thought you may enjoy that bit of reading..I found it interesting and a little in association with what I was writing about
Peace and joy

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