Monday, February 7, 2011

MOnday :)

Good morning..
Monday, good Monday!
I think this picture sums it up..

OMG the neighbor's dog is driving me
freakin' batty!!!
Shut the Hello up DOG!
Bark Bark Bark..
It's left outside all day long,
no one home
and all they do is bark..
Right now one of them is hovering
at the bottom of a tree,
looking and jumping up
barking at god knows what.
Please make it stop.

On another note..
Look what I found going through photos
from 2009..

Yep, I believe this is Kelly Rae's stuff..
At The Vineyard in Belleville, IL.

I took these pictures for them to
advertise on their Facebook page, lol

At the time I didn't know who the Artist was..
Sorry for the not the best lighting photo's
Kelly Rae Roberts..
Funny how things happen..
Anyway hope you all have a great day :)


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. Thank you also for the website. I'll admit at first when I say pictures of people's feet I freaked because you may have read my aversion to feet. Yes I hate them. Then when I read about cancer and saw little ribbons I understood.

    Thanks again, you are so sweet. And yes Coffee pretty much sums up a Monday morning or any morning!


  2. Yeah the feet are the smile makers..How many men want to paint their toes pink? Sooo When you get a man's toe pink, giggles come...