Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maybe it's the.....

I don't know...
Let me see....
Let's take a consensus....
What could this be?

Anyone feeling strange...
right through to the brainze?

A little bit off,
not feeling too soft?

Crank shift high,
way up to the sky..
Into reverse and then back into first..
Snappy and peppy not Hippie,
not Pippy.

Need to pull out..
of common space.
And stare into air
in my own kind of place.

Breathe in...
take it ALL in..
breathe OUT
every last bit.
Releasing yourself,
free of this
crabby bratty self,
old pattern grabbing
damn fucking elf!

Be gone!... and leave me alone.

Leave me be home
where my heart is..

where joy takes over...
smile fills my all.

shares it with the world
nurturing it
growing it pure,
of love.

That is where I want to be

Is anyone feeling this?
Or am I alone?
I know this seems rather deep and all
but I'm the curious type..

I feel like action creates reaction
or action creates action.
So this leads me to the hypothesis
Is there some weird energy out there
in the universe, now?

Just looked at my We'moon Calendar
says the moon is full on Friday..
That might explain it..
Ok so I making this intention..
Shouting it out to the world.
My body, my mind and my spirit will remind me each month
When this energy comes about..
This sensitivity to all that is around me
over stimulation that
ultimately I let affect me
because I forget who she is..
The moon,
the powerful energy of emotion
I get so wrapped up in her sometimes..

I can hardly keep afloat
She is so loose flowing,
drifting me farther and farther out into sea
away from me
wrapped up into the emotion and the connection to the past.
Merging them together into the now.

I will know when you are on your way.
for now and always
I'll be watching you grace the sky
Planted firmly
being here now
loving your beauty
while nurturing the earth

with my love seeds


  1. You are beautiful inside and out! Thanks for that minijourney through your mind and for reminding us/me of the full moon. Time to mentally gear up ;) much love. xo

  2. Aw than you Mia..You are beautiful inside and out too :) Thank you for the information and thanks for reading my blog :)

  3. Ugh. Don't I know how difficult it is to let go of old patterns. From what I can tell, you've mastered the key to transcending this--being fully aware and in the moment. You're an inspiration-thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I spent my first night away from Beans last weekend as he had a sleepover with Dad. Should have been awesome, right? I woke up every single hour, tossed and turned, and worried about the little guy. Turns out, he would allow Dad to comfort him by default and so we're planning to have him stay the night Friday and Saturday evenings. My poor body will just have to unlearn the familiar and, with any luck, little Beans will eventually learn that he doesn't need mama to go night-night. :)

  4. Your art is so refreshing. I'm your newest follower.

    Danae@Believing Unbeliever

  5. Loved this post. Wow U are a great writer and just so you know I posted your comment it was awesome! I love your energy, your insite to things and your art. DO NOT compare your talents to anyone else's talent. I too love Kelly Rae but come on you are an artist and a great one at that. You are woman and I love hearing you roar!


  6. Funky woman, Megan..
    You gave me the goosebumps..Kelly Rae, she is awesome..I aspire to spread the love like she has..I bought a couple of her books and they are very helpful on my journey :)
    And thank you for the writer comment.. I can be very self conscious on that subject at times because I feel so basic, no huge words, lack in proper punctuation, etc. But I try to just carry on and me me, ya know?
    Peace and hugs.. Glad to connect with you :)