Friday, February 25, 2011

Always wanted one..and Something REALLY FUNNY!!!!

I don't know what it is...
I have always had a thing for red telephone booths...
I've had plans for one for many years now...
Time machine
Hostess center at a restaurant
actual phone booth duh...
my secret elevator to the sky
or to my secret underground tunnel escape route when
I'm losing my mind
Ok so I'm feeling open here..
got a hilarious story to tell
At my cost, my dignity. lol
oh no

So I am, at the time of the story, 8.5 month pregnant,

At the grocery store with my son Lukas..

He is freaking hilarious,
We were walking down the refrigerated liquor isle..
No I wasn't boozing it, just taking a wishful detour :)
Out of no where, no warning..
spontaneous gas.
Sound effects
As if that were not BAD enough..
No wait it gets better/funnier
at my cost, because this is really freaking embarrassing..
Lukas makes a funny comment about it and for the life of me I can't remember what because truly
I was in shock from the horror of embarrassment..
and not from the sound effects either. lol
His comment made me pee
just a little
A little then..
I of course shared this embarrassment with Lukas and he made another really funny comment and I just don't know what happened..
All my muscles shut down in the bladder department.
Thank god for dresses..
I had pee'd, full bladder relaxation release all over the grocery store floor.
FULL BLADDER I remind you
I stood there in horror..
All I could do was laugh because..
I just couldn't believe it.
I just couldn't believe I pee'd all over the freaking floor.
Pee had filled my flip flops and I was flipping a trail of pee to the bathroom.
I am Totally serious.
By some magic of nature there happened to be an employee in the bathroom at the same time as I entered. In my laughing shock I told her what happened, of course feeling like a complete idiot,
duh I pee'd all over the grocery store floor.
I told her I was pregnant,

duh, like she couldn't tell
shock you know..
I wanted her to be sure to know that I normally don't go around peeing on floors..
She laughed, understood and said she would take care of it.
I still had a cart of food that had to make it to the check out line.
So as Lukas and I with my moist flip flops headed towards the checkout line we hear the dreaded
"Clean up in isle 9"
I almost pee'd my pants..
Oh wait I already did
Pregnancy, it'll do funny things to ya...
Laughing is good :)

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