Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Babbles Worm hole to Friday

Well I started this blog posting on Wednesday
and am just now getting to it..
I think I went through some sort of worm hole
or something that brought me out to Friday in a blink..
So sorry for the lack of information and babbles this week.

The Line up of earrings for the photo shoot..
It's a LOT!
A lot of FUN!

This is how messy my space is and
giving you a before cause this baby is gonna change..
Don't get me wrong I LOVE the space but it needs
new organization and
fluffing..Yes I said Fluffing :)
New energy flow ya know?

Cute little stinker in the house :)

close-up of the new little beauties..
Oh I love making earrings..

Are you curious what this is??
It's part of a pretty fun necklace..

Part of the process captured by my lovely assistant Genie :)

Under the table supplies..
Very functional :)
Easy to cleanup..

Shrinky dink fun :)
Have a great weekend all!

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  1. wow! it all looks awesome. looove your earrings, Natalie!