Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day :)

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day all..

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend I had, well the whole family had :)

We went to a place called the City Museum in St. Louis on Saturday

and let me just say.....

It's one of the seven wonders of the world..

Seriously, it should be like the 8th wonder.

It is truly AMAZING!

I will be blogging about that adventure tomorrow or Wednesday


You don't want to miss it because

really, if you can take a trip to St. Louis just to go there

you would not regret it.

In fact you would want to come back once a year with your children

or heck with a friend.

It's that fun!!

Super crazy, fun, thrilling, eccentric, mosaic tile filled, tunnel haven,

tight squeezing, skateboard ramping running, swirling rebar madness,

10 story twirling slide, Old airplane 3 stories high to play in, in which you have to climb through a swirling tunnel of metal

to get to. I'm not kidding this place its amazing and almost indescribable.

Ok so back to Valentines Day,

Love Love Love

I wanted to share this illustration with you all

cause I love it.

It's by a girl named Hsinping Pan.

She is an animator and illustrator originally from Taiwan.
Now living in sunny California.

She likes to draw colorful and happy things and hope's her

prints can bring a smile to your face and joy to your room.


Here are some places you can find her...

This is her lovely shop on Etsy

Sorry if the links need to be copied and pasted..

I am still learning how to make direct links. :)

Oh and I can't figure out why these pictures will not center

themselves or size to fit :(

I tried everything I could without all day long obsessing so...


Did my best!

I hope you all have a fantastic Day,

full of the finest tasting chocolate and

other tasty treats,

including smooches :)

OH and on one last note...ALSO

an amazingly creative weekend.

I saw Pixy Pocahontis and began capturing her in paint and I started

the painting titled..

"Fear is just an accessory. You either wear it or you don't"

It's awesome!

Stay tuned



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