Monday, February 21, 2011

So much to do..

What a world wind of a weekend..The wind blew the time right by.
That's ok though cause I do love the weekdays too :)

I am glad though that the full moon has done her magic and is beginning her descent to the new moon,
which is such a energetic time for me.


I'm feeling kind of low today,
just describing
maybe its the rain.
Maybe its just the
"shut up"
time of the month for me?

I am listening
waiting for the lights to come back on.

time to go deep within and gather..
so many images have floated through my head last night..
So lightening.
glimpses of Pixy Pocahontis and her love.

I so wish I had a camera attached to my brain.
I feel like something is welling up from deep inside.
The answers to what I am desiring.
What do I desire?

I desire to inspire:)
I would like for my art to travel around the world
spreading love.
I desire to be a great financial contributor to
our family.

I desire to contribute to those who need help
whether it be following their heart,
affording life's necessities when times are tough,
support the arts, alternative medicinal practices,
spiritual growth, children self esteem.
I find it so interesting how always I seem to come back to children.
I feel that it is so important to start with the children..
Brainstorming out loud right now.
What can I do to make a difference?
I am here for my children,
teaching them to love one another,
trying to erase all the mean garbage they can at
times can learn from their peers which was
learned from other sources.

I don't like mean
I don't like lying, dishonesty, cheating, degrading, greed
How can we steer our children away from this
in world so full of it?
Maybe Pixy Pocahontis has the answer..
Just maybe :)
I hope you all don't mind my random babblings..
Sometimes I don't filter what I say.
I just let it come out how it does.
A woman (not going to say names here) that I am not
very fond of has called me self absorbed/self centered.
Maybe I am?

But it doesn't erase the fact that in all my "selfabsorbedness"
my purpose is to make a difference in the whole.
If I am not me, if I don't follow my heart,
If I don't nurture myself how can I do the same for others?
I would not want to give myself to others
if I am in the shambles and all I have to give is
grief, sorrow, hate, drain, worry.
We all have our circumstances that we have been through in our life.
We do our best to grow from them.

If from my experiences I can blossom and share my essence with another, helping them to blossom too,
well then, so be it.
And if I can share this love with children,
to help create a shift where it is needed
then so be it.
If I believe in myself
I am not self absorbed.
I AM me, I Am love.
Love is what I wish to share :)
Your heart is your compass..
Follow it.

Just had to finish with this cute picture of my
son Lukas. He had just had his eyes dialated.
He's such a handsome, kind, funny guy
and I love him to pieces.
I also want to say how proud I am of him with his grades!!!
Great job Lukas!
smarty pants :)


  1. Like my typo that for some reason I can't fix from my phone but can comment about... First sentence world wind...what the flip is a world wind and when did that sneak into my vocabulary. Made up word of the day I'm guessing :)
    Whirlwind...should be whirlwind :) giggle

  2. Brilliant! Keep babbling, Nat! Like Gandhi said:

    Be the change you want to see in the world! Love you! Hugs.