Saturday, January 29, 2011

Artshow Sign?

Ok, so I am totally sidetracking what I set out to do up here in my studio...
It is my total intention to finish this freaking assembly line of earrings I have created..
This line of spring beauties ;)
However a little sign...("twinkle sparkle") has come to my attention and needs to be meditated upon, explored if you will....
"she says with a little deep giggle with a touch of twang",

said the voice..:)
The message came about earlier this week..
it didn't ring a full, loud bell, until now..
Lu Ann, my husbands ex, someone I'm surprised I like because of what society sometimes teaches us, getting deeper here..sorry...
That its stupid to be friends with husbands ex's and stuff, its not right if ex's actually get along once they are separated...
blah blah blah
with the bullshit.
This is the mother of my stepdaughter,
my stepdaughter, the daughter of the man I love with all my heart.
I don't think my husband would choose to marry a woman
he actually didn't love...
That's not him..
My husband is a drawer of like minded kind..
And his heart is good, actually quite beautiful if I do say so myself.
And if like attracts like in every way, shape and kind
then you know what that makes Lu Ann?
A kind beautiful heart as well..
I could go a tad deeper,
all in the good direction...
But I'm gonna get back to my story...
Lu Ann, sent me a message via Facebook
telling me of a certain Art show in Missouri..
Giving me this info..

kindly, because she believes in me.
which I think is cool :)
Anyways..When I got it I said, oh cool, thanks..
But at the time my mind was in another place
so it wasn't ready to set in...
You know, when you are in a art groove,
creating with this intense joyful energy,
that's all you wanna focus on..
It's kind of like a drug,
but a Good one:)
really fresh..
It sunk in..
"Oh shit, this is weird..."
The show Lu Ann is talking about was,
My first, the very first juried art show I did in 1999..
And it had the same name as this show does,
same town..
Different state..
Such funny twinkle sparkle signs :)
Can anyone guess what the name of the art show is?
what town it is in???
Lu Ann you can't answer, giggle
I would love to see some comments here..
just maybe one of you could get a sweet little
sparkly artsy fartsy thingy
of some sort or another
in the mail..

Aren't you curious now?
Just a little reminder to you all out there..
My last name used to be (is this a fucking common phrase??..Used to be? or is this some bad grammar I learned from my neighborhood growing up?)

Nato Botto Art
Natalie White,
"Extremely Colorful Artist"

Now I'm a Kelsey..
Natalie Jean Kelsey
Creations from the HeArt
It feels like the right jacket for me :)

We all grow from our experiences
and when we grow and learn from our experiences
then do we begin to bloom even more..

So anyways,
Thank you Lu Ann for the little
"twinkle sparkle"
I got the sign..
New beginnings.....

Peace to all..
And thank you for sharing your time with me..

Nato Botto
off to the assembly line of Joy...

"Nato Botto goes to hang out with Pixy Pocahontis"
"Together they make Baked Fruitcake"
To be continued....
Taa Taa


  1. So nice to meet you Natalie :) Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, and telling me where you first saw me. I'm always amazed at the power of the Internet...

    Now, after reading your delightful blog, may I just say OMFG you made me laugh out loud!! I love your whimsical way of telling it like it is, sistah, and following your heART. Like you, I balk at what society says I should do, and by balking with all my heart and soul I'm meeting many like minded souls as well!

    Your creations are truly beautiful!! Looking forward to reading and seeing more from your supergroovycreative blog.

    Gwynnie B

  2. Thank you..I look forward to these wonderful new connections :)
    I like that, supergroovycreative :) makes me smile :) giggle

  3. hey Natalie, Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my driftwood Mirror, they are a labor of love..Love your great blog..and your jewelry..I am like ex married 3 times and I am friends with all 3 wives and thier kids...:-)