Friday, March 18, 2011

All in time

What's that you say?
I have to glue myself to the chair for days on end, strap myself to a wilderness of seriousness?
Get lost in the numbers of business and the fundamentals
of business writing..
Not this whole week.
I tried and have been kindly putting it aside and doing bits and pieces.
I did my time on Monday..
Donated some rule following on Wednesday..
Thursday was a, what was Thursday?

Well today was a recap of what still needs to be done for expansion. I felt so random, so out of sync, did my best.. And as the Four Agreements state...
As long as you do your best (and know that your best may be different at times) over and over again, you will become a master of manifestation.
I have had many little signs this week that I am on the right track..
Do any of you see signs ever that let you know that you are
right on?
Well I do and when ever I see them I smile..
Interesting story semi related to this subject.
Tuesday, Wednesday, oh shit maybe it was Thursday,
this week was a worm hole,

Anyways I did my morning journaling along with choosing a couple of angel cards to focus on and...
I was drawn to write down a tidbit of the card onto my tabletop
My mom called me..She wanted to give me kind advice.. I listen :)
She spoke to me of how she doesn't think that the "Just fucking do it" is really a good idea and that maybe I should change it to flipping or Effin..
mmmmmmm, I don't think so I said..
Then I proceeded to explain to her the difference in energy from my use of the word fucking and the bad version.
She was still iffy on the whole thing,
I understand and respect her input.
I sat down in my chair (still on the phone with her) and looked down at my desk calendar..
I smiled,
those silly angels..
This is the message I wrote from the book..
"Sometimes flexibility is called for when you are working toward an aim. BUT...
In this instance, you need to stay firm in your convictions. Compromise will only water down the divine plan you are manifesting."
I can't alter the "Just fucking do it" motto!
I just have to fucking do it!
It IS all part of the divine plan and I have faith in my ideas, no matter how far out they may seem at times.
My heart is pure, I aim for the good of the whole.
Just fucking do it is the catalyst of possibilities.
Have a great weekend all and remember..
Your heart is your compass, follow it..
What does your heart say?
"Just Fucking do it!"
Simple as that

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  1. Look at your heart-shaped post!! AWESOME. From my vantage point, I think you are incredibly focused. Perhaps you are confusing your feelings of being "random" and "out of sync" with the overwhelming passion, excitement, and contagious enthusiasm that comes with launching your dream. I, for one, am honored that I've been invited to join the ride!