Monday, March 14, 2011

Experimenting with Pixy and glue :)

I am trying something new this week..
stricter time management..
But happy, no whips and yelling you are so
off schedule, you suck!
Nope none of that.
I've got my schedule of daily to do's,
a lotted amount of time for each thing to be done..
No order, just to do's with time limits for each.
I've even got a timer..

This is so silly, my inner self says..
probably my ego..
But so far so good.
I am about an hour and a half off of what
I thought I could get done in a day.
Here is my list:
renew items in my shop, search for new things for a treasury, create a treasury, blog, work 2hrs in illustrator,
order supplies (this is where I went over time)
work on my business plan, blog and sit down and come up with some kick booty website ideas.
I've got two hours left, and I'm...
I'm.. I'm..
feeling fine
So gonna have to shorten this blog a bit for the day.
Gonna give you a quick run down on the photos..
The pendants..Well, having some technical difficulties.
Had some major bleeding problems in all my prototypes, the photos listed here are before I put the glass pieces on top and before I put a resin filler on some.

They are AWESOME when you first see the glass on.
It wasn't until overnight that I discovered the bleeding of the glue.
I cried for hours and hours..I had to contact Kleenx to get them to ship me a truck load of tissue just to wipe up the snot that came out of my nose from all the excessive sniffling..
Nooooooo, not me.

I will solve this problem and already have.
That is why I went over my time today in ordering supplies.
I had to find the magic solution to put on my images before glueing or filling pendants with resin.

So excited to share the finished results with you all.

Here is a finished piece I LOVE!!!!
And this one, well she is on her way to awesomeness,

not quite done yet.
And finally this is my secret note to myself with all my dreams and desires I want to achieve and peace for the world..
Can't quite remember its details..
Excited to open it in June and see all I have accomplished..
Peace and love to all
Please take a moment and send your love to Japan.


  1. Woo! I am IMPRESSED and motivated. : )

  2. Oh Lu Lu you posted at 2:22, make a wish:) thank fun!

  3. Ok first off I love your background of your blog! OMGosh I screamed out loud I love it so much!

    Second I want a pendant. Sorry they didn't work our at first but once you figure out the glue I can tell they will be fabulous. I am so going to go back and drool. I see that I love them all already!

    I just love this gals big lips! Love, love love it!

    Oh and I can't wait until you open your note to self. What a great idea! You will have accomplished so much by then. You rock!


  4. nice and lovely, great creatively shown.

  5. So did you find the magic solution? I'm having trouble with making mine as well :( Just can't stop the ink/colours bleeding overnight.