Monday, March 21, 2011

Beautiful Monday

Happy day, happy happy day!
Sun is shining, birds are singing and the weather is
WARM! Yay!

This weekend was one of the biggest full moons in twenty years..
Did any of you get a chance to see it?

This beautiful shot came from Giving Mirth...
and it is a very interesting blog worth checking out :)

I was bummed Saturday night when the moon was in rise and
it was raining out.
I wanted to see the moon in all its beauty,
soak up her rays..
That night I was wonderfully awakened

by Little Indie in the middle of the night and guess what?
Not a cloud in the sky and moon gazing...
I did!
Beautiful. I was do delighted that I got the chance to see it.
Thank you Universe!

This weekend was peaceful..
Odyssey of the mind competition with Jordan,
her team won 2nd place and is going to compete in world!
Great job team!
Dinner with friends
Walks to the park

Bike riding
Volleyball with kids
Chili, pizza and mexican yum!

Oh and teeth cutting, see his first wittle toofer :)
And.. I still couldn't stay away from art..
But that is to come into view later this week..
Now, some cute photos of this weekend..

Oh and the majority of the pictures were taken by my daughter Ava.

She rocked the photos!

Indie LOVES the feel of the strawy grass..
He was getting sooo tired from all this fresh air
and new things to feel and see.

Oh hey, Batman is out watching over us all,
ready to save the world.
Thought you should know :)
Enjoy your week all
Peace and..
don't forget..
Your heart is your compass, follow it.
What does your heart say?
Plant your seed...

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