Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Story of Pixy Pocahontis...

This is a LONG one but worth the read:)
Breathe Breathe Breath ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
What a wonderful day!
Last night I began my redo on Pixy Pocahontis..

And Please be kind..

(This is the business card Kirsten, of FossDesign made for me from my original. I love the spin she put on it..Love the LOVE)

All images/art work of Nato Botto Art and
Pixy Pocahontis are all copyrighted
and belong solely to
Natalie Jean Kelsey.
If you have any interests or questions please
feel free to contact me.
I'd love to talk :)

But lets shift back to this...

Pixy Pocahontis first came about when I needed a name for the headband idea I came up with..

What will I call them??

They kind of reminded me of a little bit Pixy
and a little bit Pocahontis.

They are whimsical, flirty, joyful, playful, peaceful, loving,
silly, and exude a total sense of
confidence in authenticity.

This is the magic they contain.

For each headband creation is made from some peep's
following their hearts..

Some are made solo..

Some are a collaborative effort
all of them are made with JOY!
As of now..Genie and I are the collaborators,
The Peep's


I prefer Pocahontis spelled with an "i"..
That's how spirit guided me to spell it :)

These fun whimsical headbands are all one of a kind.

Here is the original tag I made for
selling these fluffy fancies.
I call Nato Botto Art's collection
of collaborative work
Baked Fruitcake,
But more of that will come about later.
another day...
Right now we are talking
Pixy Pocahontis

So onward went Pixy..
speaking little ideas in my ear..
I Listened..

She is a creative machine..
Such happy high energy.
I love having her around
and I am happy whenever I am listening to her.
She only creates the good we desire in life.
And her message is to follow my heart.
That is how I hear Pixy..
By following my heart.
The more I follow the more she
joyfully sings,
the more she sings
the more magic happens.
This next image came about when I said
"Let's just Fucking do it"
(after getting down on myself for not following my schedule when Pixy was singing in my ear to do some "pass the paper" with Genie)

I drew this image of Pixy in the bright Poppy.
Genie added the eyeshadow and blush.
I glad I listened to Pixy,
Because this drawing got me closer to my final
rendition for Pixy's branding:)

Pixy is an angelic,
free spirited, creative, joyful, encouraging energy
living here on earth
through a strong, confident, peaceful
divinely intelligent, kind, giving, loving,
nurturing, artsy-crafty young at heart
Pixy Pocahontis

Her message is
Follow your heart..
She has inspiring simple wisdom
she'd like to share
and knows that it will bring a sense of
peace and love to all.

I wanna share that I am gratefully working with a
great graphic designer

Kristen is very talented and a pleasure to work with.
I highly recommend her.
She graciously collaborated upon initial
illustrations I had sent her.
(See images above in the blog, those are ones I sent)
Her renderings of my submitted Pixy Pocahontis images

showed me that I had to create the essence that
I was desiring for this character.

Her skills had nothing to do with the decision
I made to to draw her myself...
I just had to..
Pixy kept telling me that I wasn't gonna get it
right unless I created her
(getting there but then I had this feeling)

Kirsten's illustrations are so Flipping Cute!

The magic of this process comes from the fact that
I had finally said
"Just Fucking Do it!"
This quote has been helping me tremendously lately..
it disintegrates the what if's for me,
Actually it disintegrates any negative thought or worry that comes after my heart has spoken.
That is powerful medicine there let me tell you!
I had been procrastinating getting my business cards done because
this Illustrator program is a totally new to me.
I had/have no complete understanding on how to make
a business card, post card, sticker, etc template.
AND Pixy Pocahontis was just born onto paper
and needed some editing around the edges
to make her cohesive
solid baby, yeah.....
A repetitive whisper, as Kelly Rae Roberts would say,
kept coming into my head.
Find a graphic designer to help you.
So I did, and I was lead to one on Etsy.
There was no doubt about it, she was the one.
I can't explain it any other way than
The energy I felt from her store resinated with me.
Made me feel all sparkly inside and I began seeing
and feeling my project complete.
Again, all of this relating to following my heart,
Using "Just fucking do it" to clear the way,
make my path more in focus.
Got me?

Without Kirsten's wonderful illustrations
I didn't see fully what she was Missing.
Both of our beautiful original illustrations gave off the same
energy and it wasn't just the right feel for the final character.
She was missing the complete peaceful, confident,
joyfully grateful essence that I want her to represent.
She was almost there in the original states but it took
Listening to my heart and trust to make her complete.

Pixy Pocahontis
As an artist,
creating a character I had to do the finishing details.
Just had to..
So last night I drew her..
Today I finished her..
I am sending her design off to FossDesign
Thank you Kirsten!
You Rock!!

I can't wait to get my new business cards, postcards,
stickers, mailing labels and whatever else freaking cute promotional stuff comes out of this glorious adventure.
So Happy...

Here is what Genie was working on today..Little pendants..
The character inside is one of Pixy's friends,
Olivia :)
so cute Genie...
I am so excited to share with you all the new things
coming into my Etsy shop soon!!
Divine timing and patience.
Have a wonderful day all..

I aM So gRateFul...
I hAd tEaRs of Joy today!!
She is Here!!


  1. LOVE it! Pixy is PERFECT. So fun to watch the evolution. WOO!

  2. This is so wonderful!! I love the Pixy drawings/paintings! How can I get one for Kate? I love the one with what looks like wings the best! Let me know!

  3. :) Yay!!! I will let you know..She was just born into illustrator so my plans for her are immense.. I want to do some paintings of her so when that is started/done I WILL let you know..I will be updating on Facebook often so you'll know, cause I can't hold any excitement in.. IT pops out of me like those confetti poppers :) Take care Beth and much LOVE your way!