Friday, March 25, 2011

A Different Approach..Giggles..

We are having technical difficulties here and I think I have it figured out..
I may have had a "mis-slip of words that
upset someone and if so I am sorry.
It was NOT my intention!
When I said below "That blog inspired me to create some funnies
for you all" I should have not assumed that you viewers would understand that I collaborated with the "free images" on the Art freebies blog.
Meaning..I stepped out of my "usual" routine of art and decided to be silly, in which I did so by making funny comments with the "free" art work on the blog.
Even though I listed a link to her site where people
could go and see her work..
Oh geeze I pissed someone off..
NOT my intention!
HEre was my blog post minus the photos..Aren't you curious what they are?
Got them back in black and white, yay!

Today I am traveling..
traveling in the sense of
off the track of usual.
Not that Usual is bad in
any way, shape or form
but I just wanna play in another way :)
So be it!
This morning I was web traveling..
Checking out the blogs and such..
MAN how do so many get such big audiences?
I want a big audience too, waaaahh!
Came across this blog:

I love coming across blogs with people sharing things for free.
I really wish there were more of us in this world that desired
to say
"just fuck it"
as an impetus to just have faith in the truth...
that if we have faith in what spirit guides us to,
that which gives us the feeling of joy in our hearts
We will always be abundant and prosperous.
Therefore we can..
Just fucking do it!
And let love lead the way..

That blog inspired me to create some funnies for you all.

I think they are funny.

"Giggle giggle giggle, the mousy is running under my jacket"

"I said I didn't want those fucking Peas!"

"Now change my diaper before I get butt rash"


"I finally got my new camera but oh shit I'm in jail"

Oh wait that is horizontal stripes:)

r r r r r r r r r r

"So you are saying that you don't actually want me to make you a peanut butter and jelly?

And that you would much more prefer to just keep practicing our handwriting?

Well fuck that, I'm out.."

Call to DCFS:

"Yeah, I said my mom lost my shoe..

She's napping too..

I ate her chapstick

can I have a snack?"

ok so maybe I only think these are funny


Peggy never knew when she first started thinking

about her s&m career, but she says

" it was the best decision she ever made"

Hope you got a giggle

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Woo! I was having too much fun trying to match up your captions with the photos on the before mentioned website. I'm happy to report that I got one out of six correct. : ) Silly and fun!