Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heart Alignment Chair :)

Good day all!!

I wanted to share with you,

a chair that NatoBottoArt re-created for
Signal Hill school's
Circus and Auction.

This chair is magical!
Wanna know why?

Because it was made from a magical recipe
which I'm gonna share with you :)

It's called following your heart.
By following my heart to create this
artsy wonder I infused this chair with love and alignment to share with others.

Encouraging all who sit in it to listen..
What does your heart say?

Come as you are..
Sit in it's love :)

Get aligned to the energy of your heart.

You heart is your compass..
Follow it.

I know some of you may think this is
This chair is a little wacked out

and who's house is this gonna look good in?
It's a conversation piece and believe me everyone will be curious to

try it out because love is the strongest magic out there.
Upon one's approach from the front it sparks curiosity through the question..

"What does your heart say?"
This question will get your wheels turning and you will have a sudden urge to sit and think in it's love.
Upon your descent to its heart seat you notice a message...

"come as you are"

Love accepts all:)
Even those making fun of this silly chair.

As you sit and rock
a gentle sense of peace and happiness comes over you as you are aligned with your heart.

This magic comes from the wise old owl dangling from the chairs back.
The owl is built into a heart and a compass graces it's back side to

(Genie helped in the process as well..Putting her joyful energy and giggles in this chair as well.. Thank you Genie)

help keep one in alignment with joy.
let me tell you a story about the creation process.

My full intention for this project was to let it go..Follow my heart COMPLETELY when creating. Even if it meant going against my
"brain's" "better judgement"
This was an emotional roller coaster.

(Lukas made us an awesome lunch while we were working on the chair. Oh also..Lukas did a BIG PART of the prep work on this chair..He sanded it all almost completely bare. Thank you Lukas, for putting your heart into this project as well)

Following your heart can be an emotional roller coaster because sometimes we go where we have never been before on this journey.

I just kept listening...
The process at times seemed so ugly.
"what the hell is this?"
"Nobody is gonna want this chair"
"it looks this... it looks that"
and so on..
My MIND, my ego was judging what my heart was creating and it was being mean.
I recently created this motto
"just fucking do it"
and that is the only thing that shut up my mind from judging my creations and holding me back from following my heart.
Yes it may be a "BAD" word
but it has power to it and it works for me.
And I am not using it to be mean.
I am using it for FOCUS
Maybe it will work for you too.
I just fucking did it
I LOVE how it turned out.
Hope you love it too!
Oh and the little girl on the back..
That is Pixy Pocahontis and her
soul purpose in life is to spread the message that..
"Your heart is your compass...Follow it!"
She has just begun her journey here and you will all see much more of her in the future.
She has big plans to travel the world
spreading her love :)


  1. I like it. especially the "come as you are".
    you're baby is beautiful! Indi right? He's growing up so fast Natalie.

  2. that is one great chair!!
    and i love your fun and creative blog!!!