Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 The year of Focus, Balance and Manifestation

Welcome 2011!!!
I am so glad you are here.
So grateful to be healthy, married to a wonderful man, have a beautiful funny little baby Indie, Great kids, awesome home, loving friends and just a pretty darn good life.
On that note I am not going to lie and say that inside my head all is hunky dory.
And then I turned around, SERIOUSLY, cause a little invisible someone tapped on my shoulder, and there
behind me hanging was a sign my good friend and assistant gave me for XMAS...
So Funny..
Anyway, so I guess that means that everything will be hunky dory in my mind and that anything I focus on and want to achieve this year will be in fact hunk dory..
So lets start by getting these marbles out of my head that keep clanking into each other causing a ruckus.
Well Marbles are good :) they all just need their proper places and time.
Lets just say the marbles are all things I want to do.
So here we go... Sorting out the marbles, setting my goals for the
year 2011.
Manifesting what I focus on
being open to receive all things positive.
I want to set a schedule for myself and stick to it.
I want my heart to tell me true time so that I can schedule my desires in a balanced manner so that I can actually get everything done that I would like to do.
I would like to focus on.
One of my biggest hurdles that I would like to tackle this year is being a better business person.
A great read..


I have to make a REAL business plan so that I can have real business goals to focus on, see where $ goes, etc.
This is usually all done last minute at tax time and its just not the way to do it if I really want to grow.
And I do.
Not only do I want to be able to sustain my business but I really do want to make a difference in this world
even if it is just a pinch, a piece, a little morsel.
If we all tried to make a morsel of a difference in this world
we could create a better balance amongst all humans.

At least I think so...

Although at times I think I have clarity in my idea of the follow your heart foundation I still haven't found the right formula
to make it work so as for now I am starting with a business plan focus and going from there..
BUT.. that doesn't mean that cannot start my foundation
at home in my little fair trade globe of peace bank.
Which I have been adding to for the last year now and I am very happy to have that little nest growing for the future.
Balance balance balance...
I would like to balance my business growth with mommyhood.
I would also like to balance in learning new skills with complete focus and ABSORPTION.
So inside the business realm (after creating my business plan)
I would like to achieve the following...

First and foremost
Finish Toe's Up!
I am going to finish Toe's up, a book that I am illustrating for a close, dear, wonderful friend and it is going to be so lovingly
illustrated and it's beauty of words and pictures will fly around the world healing and spreading Joy!

Secondly I am going to focus on my inspirational painting/collage/drawing series.
It is very dear to me and damnit I have to get it out there!

Amongst that I want to take a little bit of time each week making a couple pieces of jewelry and Pixy Pocahontis wear.
I am going to stop for now...
Going to focus on next task :)
Have a great day all!
Much Love!!!!

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  1. so good to hear all your wonderful ideas.
    many blessings and happiness to you in your journey this year!