Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mountain Climbing

So I am dreaming..
Fading away into the greatness of the dream..
I am here.
I want to create.
I want to inspire others to see the light within when they may not. I want to inspire a smile, a kind gesture, a love for all humanity.
It is not my job to do so, but it is a soft voice within that
encourages me to create and spread love and inspiration.
It may at times drive me crazy but that is only because I have not yet mastered the harnessing of my wonderful creative flow.
I am on my way.
I am taking lessons..
I will continue to soar to higher heights than ever imagined
and a friend is showing me the way.
Thank you.
I am grateful.
So what is it that I dream of?
Where to begin from?
Here of course.
My goals from short through long term;
To just be me and love every second of it,
To be a wonderful mother for my children while pursuing my creative dreams...
To keep a deep loving connection with my husband, lover, friend Always..
To establish a comfortable, organized, successful routine that manifests my desires:)
To finish illustrating Toe's Up for Life for my beautiful friend
PJ..and to have it be magically successful in all its adventures and hearts it touches...
To create a small catalog/brochure for my accessories.
To create a stable, abundant flowing base of boutiques that carry my jewelry and Pixy Pocahontis..
Create abundant traffic and sales in my Etsy shop...
To work on my art art art and begin the next phase of where it lives...
I would like to be featured in various like minded magazines sharing my creations and techniques/ideas...
Create journals, datebooks (super fun idea for this), note cards
Have my artwork all over the world spreading love and inspiration..
To create the Follow your Heart Foundation...


  1. Hi I just found you through Twitter and I love this post. You sound very passionate and I can't wait to get to know you. I like the vibe of your blog.