Monday, January 17, 2011

Fears...They Are Just an Accessory..You Either Wear Them or You Don't

So many circles...Circles...
All leading me to where I am..
Only enhancing the moment, with the patience of letting it be..
The Flow..
Reading Kelly Rae Roberts,
getting ready to journal on fears..
Supposed to/planned to do it earlier in the day
I just let it be..
It was growing, I had to nurture it to make it even more powerful.
The writing/intention that is..

Ava and Indie Played in the studio today..
They are beautiful kids, I love em bunches!

Ava made some tissue paper flowers that she has been
excited to show me..
Indie wanted to eat them...
She made them with love :)
She's so beautiful-
inside and out, left and right, up and down,
all around. I love her with all my heart.
I hope she knows that.
I think she does :)

Even when she does this to me :)

Ava's flowers sparked this photo shoot
in the studio. Thank you flowers...

Ava, helping me with some serious shrinky dinkage..
Thank you Ava, It was nice spending time with you..

So back to Circles...Connections..
All this day did was lead up to this moment..
A discussion on fears..
It so amazes me how much everything falls into place,
just how it does..Just being what it is :)
My kids have their fears and out of the blue, in the studio,
the discussion came arise..
Questions...comparisons..self esteem..intelligence..
So let me just say this to you kids.. ALL YOU KIDS...
All you people out there with fears, issues, whatever..
Yes you are special!!
Not slow, unhealthy, ugly, like a fear would want you to think,
but special, because you are you.
We are all special, we are all pieces to this puzzle called life and without us our picture would not be complete.
Without our exact shape we wouldn't fit..
So please, all of you..
Just be..


  1. What a lovely post! I like your message and it's a great way to start the week!

  2. Thanks..It was a fun day..Lets make everyday a fun day...

  3. How can I follow your site?? I tried..