Friday, January 21, 2011

Glorious Fanciful Friday Flitting: Colour Theme; Dandelion with a Pinch of Ochre

Yes I did,
I said Flitting..
Fanciful, glorious flitting..
I had a plan,
a divine one,
the mission was on..
Our first stop in the mission was to go to Peridot,
on Cherokee Street in St. Louis.
I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures there
but I have a sneaking feeling that
they will come about on my trip back there in a week
and 3/4 to be exact
upon my "drop off mission"
Yep, Nato Botto Art will now be available at
Peridot, yay!!
They will be having a grand reopening on Saturday, Feb. 5th.
So come on down,
your the next contestant on the.....
just had to say that:)

Here is a cute cuff I purchased at Peridot, made by
Scarlett and Maria.
I love it!
See the bit of dandelion :)

Next on the journey,
Genie and I stopped at a cute cafe,

also on Cherokee street, called
The Mud House.

Great atmosphere,


great food,

Run by clearly people who love what they are doing.
I really recommend checking this place out while your
out shopping on Cherokee Street,
especially at Peridot,
checking out all the handmade items by local artists.

(funny card on the bulletin board at The Mud House
it says "I like the brown one's)

While philosophizing in The Mud House parking lot,
I had a "fucking sweet hell yeah" idea.
And by the way, that exact moment was at
I won't go into details..
Onward we go..

Dick Blicks..Grand Opening in Delmar Loop
It was so full of ahhh's!!!

Also we were given a

message from an angel
while in the handmade paper section,

that I was hyperventilating over, with excitement.
Seriously I was,
ask Genie :)
While at Dick Blick's someone overheard me saying
that I forgot my coupon
and they gave me one of theirs.
I was still obsessing though over my
30% off the entire purchase coupon,
so I asked the guy behind the register if he had anymore..
He said, "I think I have one more available"
The obsession disappeared.
So now I had two coupons and could only use one.
Across from me was another girl checking out,
without a coupon..
It was a perfect
"pay it forward" moment.
I was glad..

Giddy up..
On our way to find some old books for projects..
Stay tuned for some kick aspen creations from
that shopping spree..
The secret ingredient??
Well let's just say the color is Dandelion and mix that
Eskimos and flowers..
You should be because they are going to be so cute!
Just sharing my joy!
Have a great Weekend all..
Mission complete :)

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