Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Working On it :) No Playing With it..

I am doing my best to quiet my mind..
Not make my thoughts disappear but ask them gently to wait in line.
One creation at a time,
ok so we all know that isn't gonna happen..
NO WAIT, yes brain, yes spirit, lets try something new here.
This doesn't mean you cannot keep giving me all these wonderful ideas.
After all there is a pen and paper invention that you can capture ideas to..
Just do this..
Write everyday..You will NOT lose those ideas of yours.
Have faith that they will come sparkling into your mind just when they are to be born..
Plant your seeds everyday into your book and the more you feed the book the more you are nurturing all those ideas.
Your words are the food to grow your creations..
Affirmations are beautiful..

On a side note here is a little project I did with Ava, not much creative skills involved here but it is a simple beauty, simple magic.

And for me, well I made a journal that I am doing my affirmations in..It is still far from done but here is the skeleton of it.

Here is a piece I did back in 2007/2008 I believe, just found it going through stuff.
And here is something else that I just need to finish,
darnit all..
There are so many creations I have that need to be finished..
So this is the year..

Here is a cute picture of Ava, posing for the
Pixy Pocahontis headbands I make:)
Am I procrastinating??
NO! I just like doing this stuff..
Divine timing..One more
I made this when Sekou and I we first together and living long distance.. It's called
Soaring Lovers.
Have a nice day and peace.
Natalie Kelsey

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