Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Again??? :)

Man has the week flown by..
Although I am grateful for everyday I am going to be glad to start the week over next week
The sickness..

Last night was rather moving to me..
I don't know about you but sometimes,
(usually when I am worn out or coming down with something)
my mind begins to go to a not so great place..
A place where I am not so nice to myself.

You should have gotten more done..
That's not good..
You're looking pretty old...
What if my husband isn't attracted to me anymore...
I'm not making much money anymore therefore I suck...
All these thoughts can come rushing in..
Bombarding, mean, hurtful..
But what always amazes me is this
This beautiful connection I have with my husband
(and friends too)

that when I start feeling ick
somehow he knows, subconsciously even..
And he shoots me a text that is so heartwarming..
or tells me just what I need to hear that creates a shift.
That was last night..
Just when I needed it.
Thank you babe!
I love you.
Now I know we are not here to depend on others to feel good about ourselves, but I do believe that there is such wonderfulness in community...

And when we are down sometimes, it's nice to have someone
shoot us a little extra love..
This reminds me of one of my previous posts,
The Crystal Project
This all makes me think about how important it is
to be kind and follow your heart.
If you are walking into the supermarket or where ever and you feel inspired to smile and say hello to some random person..
Do so...
You never know, it just may brighten up their whole day..

It shows them that someone cares..
That one person could be feeling just how I was or how you may have been feeling the other day and that smile of kindness
is like magic.
I know I am getting all sappy here but this is important to me.
Being kind to one another is important to all of us.
Have a beautiful weekend :)

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