Thursday, January 6, 2011

Focus man FOCUS!!!

IT has come to my attention time and time again that when I am deeply into a project I am SO focused and never want to stop, like eternal energy is flowing through me powering my passion..However when the process begins.. man.. I can be like a flittering non focus freak
One thing at a time Lady!
I just get so excited..
All the possibilities..
Leads me to gathering al the supplies for each thing I want to do cause I am a visual person and even though drawing it and writing it down is visual its just another thing that gets hidden away in a book that I may not look at..
So the clutter begins..
Trust the process I tell myself.
Then self says:
"One thing at a time babe, one thing at a time."
So here I am writing about this so indeed I can put this out into the universe, with faith that my ideas will come back when the timing is right and not so jam packed..
One thing at a time....
What's happening now??
Valentines day prep and
Toe's up..
And I am SO loving the Valentines day creations.
Pictures to come soon...

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