Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catchup Wednesday

What a whirlwind weekend this was AND it's now already Wednesday..
I feel as if I was in some sort of time warp.
We took a nice family overnighter to
Pere Marquette, Saturday to Sunday night..
Did some hiking in the snow, hot tubbing, eagle glancing...
Sunday after getting home I repacked my bags and headed out to Chicago with Indie and Ava..

Ava's painting of herself, (she put a flower over her eye because she didn't like it, good problem solving.) staring at the night sky.

The trip up to Chicago was
There was snow, snow, snow
and more blowing snow, almost blizzardish.
Didn't dig it at all.
Made it safely though at 10pm.
The next morning, took the train into the city where
I met Julie and Renee At the Merchandise Mart for a
Temporaries show and did a lot of buying..
At the Mart I got a lot of great ideas for
displaying my work
and was inspired in so many ways..
Then repacked up EVERYTHING and got on the road for a
four 1/2 hour tour that took 6 hours to get home and
walked in the door at 3:45 am.

Cute little man in the Studio

On the way home Indie got a fever :(
Tuesday Indie's fever rose to 103, I took him to the chiropractor for an adjustment to boost his immune system,
and I cuddled with him
all day and night.
Today he still has a little fever but is doing much better.
It was TOO much packed into those couple of days.
The driving being the TOOOOOO
much part.

Indie with his red fever cheeks taking a break from the car seat at the gas station at one thirty in the morning.

Now, if I had a chauffeur,
well I would be just fine:)
I would have gotten all the sleep I needed..
Sweet Wednesday, my new Monday :)
Peace all

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