Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things in the Works..

Good day everyone!! Just wanted to share what's going on here in the studio..

Lots of inspiration is in the air as well as the awakening of some

unfinished works.
Totally digging all that I have been playing with. I would also like to share that Kelly Rae Roberts has been a great big spark in my newest creative movements.
She has helped me to remove some obstacles and was been an integral key in unlocking a blockage. Thank you Kelly. If any of you out there are having that kind of issue, whether it's blockages, a lack of knowledge on how to promote yourself, or whatever please check out the badge to the right of this posting, titled You are Meant to Dream Big. She has a book available that can seriously change your life and help you soar, SERIOUSLY..
On another note what's going on???
Well I just grabbed some old illustrations

out of my "to be completed" pile (that has been growing for awhile now) and just took off...

I thought it would be cool to mod podge some scrapbooking paper to these wood panels I recently got from Dick Blick.

I also mod podged some fabric to the panels as well
one of my new pieces to it..

I'm soooo enjoying nurturing these creations into completion.

I'm loving every

second of it.

One another note I am doing my best to network with other artist's out there, keeping busy on Twitter, Blogging, Etsy forums/treasury creations etc.. I have been doing that pretty steady for the last couple of weeks now..Doing my best to keep Focusing on What I Want..
It's all been a blast and I am so fortunate to be where I am.
And I am so grateful that my husband is so supportive of my adventure. I LOVE him...xoxoxoxox honey :)
Hope you all have a great day!!
PS.... Follow Your Heart


  1. Love the new stuff. ^_^ Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks Kyla:) hope all is well in babyland. Rosemary is getting so big, love your latest flicker pictures. (think it's called flicker) have a great weekend ;7)